sneaks & glitter

#Puggle vs. #Labrador

Both adorable, sweet, loving, stinky, perfect dogs. This is my fur-family and I love them dearly.

This is the creek crossing at my cabin. It rained a lot yesterday so it’s up pretty high and perfect for adventures and cooling off and just being a dog.

#Maddie #bambam #mclovin #wrigley #sammi #furbabies

One of my favorite places in the world. ❤️

Someone thinks the water bowl is her own miniature pool. Just missed a photo-op of her plopping down and siting in it. ❤️ @mjzelenka

Lil framed piece of deco in our home. ❤️🎈❤️ @mjzelenka #gbr

Can’t believe it’s been that long. ❤️

What most of my day consisted of. 😒 and I have homework 😢

Some of my favorites. #converse #janoski #kd #nike #retro #jordan

From 172 down to 158 and counting!! No diet fad, no extreme workouts, just better eating, smaller portions, and an awareness of what I’m putting into my body. Still have some work to do, but I feel better already.

I. Love. You. @mjzelenka #loveislove

My life motto right now. Get through these classes and kick ass. #hermioneismyhero


Poor @mjzelenka, didn’t know what hit her. I told her to just throw it back, but she paused with it all in her mouth. Yum! Thanks @applegate7952 for hooking it up, sorry you couldn’t be there to see the moment.

I thank God everyday for sending this beauty into my life. The girl, not the shoes. 😋 I love you @mjzelenka. Thanks for being mine and making me look good all the time. 🎈

Warming up on a cement wall waiting for an appointment that never happened. Haha! We still had a great time! @mjzelenka

Before our unscheduled outing last night. ❤️ @mjzelenka